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          Challenging Women in Mid-Life to Claim God's Best
Challenging Women in Mid-Life to Claim God's Best Susie Wilson
Certified Christian Life Coach
Speaker, Writer & Voiceover Artist

Susie Wilson, Certified Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Voiceover Artist
Live Your Joy Christian Life Coaching Complimentary Life Coaching Session with a Live Your Joy Christian Life Coach

Let's Talk - Complimentary Coaching Session

Dear sister, I am so glad you're ready to talk about claiming God's Best for yourself and your relationships. You know, it's really true - God has all that you're craving in this earthly life ... Love, Purpose, Significance, Acceptance, Belonging, Healthy Relationships, and Intimacy with Him. He's just waiting for you to claim it.

Life coaching is often sought in midlife, a time when many of us are evaluating the life we've lived so far and thinking about priorities, regrets, unfulfilled dreams, leaving a legacy, and making a difference. Christian Life Coaching in this season of life focuses on aligning our view of success, significance, and security with God's perspective, and creating a future vision and plan for moving forward from where you are now - in life and in relationships - to where we together discover God wants you to be.

You might be wondering how it works, what you'll get out of the coaching relationship, and how much it costs. I'll answer all of your questions when we talk, but let me fill you in on the basics now.
Complimentary Life Coaching Session
All coaching sessions are done over the telephone, with the client calling in at the agreed upon time, and sessions last 50 minutes.

I will help you clarify what the issue is, create a vision for the area of your life or relationship you wish to change, develop an action plan, set goals, hold you accountable and manage obstacles.

You may pay for coaching services by individual session or purchase a package with multiple sessions at a discounted rate. I highly recommend the Getting Started Package for new clients.

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Considering where you are now in this situation, what would you like to have happen? What does what you want look like? Can you describe it?  
What fires you up or inspires you to change this situation in your life at this time?
What energy-drainers or attitudes may impact how you see potential for the future in this area?
In what ways do you sense that God might be challenging you, nudging you in a different direction, or trying to get your attention? What do you think God wants for you in this area of your life?